About us

Our story

In 1981, a man from the south of France with a passion for perfume visited an artisan perfumer in Grasse. Captivated by his know-how, he decided to launch his own perfume creation business.
In 1988, he bought Dina Cosmetics France and put together a team of experts in the field. Since then, the company has perpetuated the know-how of the and exports its own line of perfumes.

Today, in addition to its perfume range, Dina Cosmetics France also creates customized products for French and foreign brands, drawing on the expertise it has acquired over the years.

Dina Cosmetics has established itself as a recognized player in the perfume industry.


Because respect for the environment is essential…

Cardboard, plastic and glass waste from the production of Dina Cosmetics products is systematically sorted. Empty drums are collected by a specialized company. Part of the waste is recycled into energy, and residues that are harmful to the planet are treated by thermal and/or chemical disinfection.

Because the well-being of our team is essential…

At Dina Cosmetics, we’re proud of our corporate culture. In fact, our employees have been with us for at least 20 years.
This testifies to the remarkable commitment and loyalty of our staff.

This long-term commitment reflects a corporate culture that places the emphasis on the well-being and satisfaction of our employees.
We offer opportunities for career development within the company and open, transparent communication with management.