Men's fragrance

Edward "OUD

A masculine, intense and refined fragrance, with top notes of apple, oud and saffron. The heart is an interweaving of cinnamon, gaiac wood and an intense base of amber, labdanum and sandalwood.

L'Élégance Intense

Explore the unparalleled depth and elegance of EDWARD “OUD”, a fragrance for men that embodies the quintessence of sophistication and masculinity. With its bewitching notes and incomparable olfactory richness, this captivating fragrance takes its wearers on an unforgettable sensory journey, where each nuance reveals a new facet of its complex, seductive personality.

Top notes: oud – saffron – apple

Heart notes: copahu – cinnamon – gaiac wood

Base notes: sandalwood – labdanum – amber

is a statement of style and personality, with its intense, refined character. Perfect for the man seeking authenticity and distinction, this fragrance embodies the very essence of sophisticated masculinity.

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