Men's fragrance

Un Sogno

Elegant and invigorating, the fragrance opens with a fresh start. The heart unfolds with notes of pine and lavender, and the base notes of leather and wood combine sensuality and comfort.

Elegance Redefined

Dive into a daydream with UN SOGNO, a fragrance for men that evokes sophistication and freshness in a captivating olfactory symphony. With its balanced blend of tonic and woody notes, this enchanting fragrance transports you to a world of luxury and comfort, where every spray envelops you in an aura of confidence and refinement.

Top notes: bergamot – pepper – acacia

Heart notes: lavender – apple – geranium

Base notes: cedar – amber – leather

The Promise of a SOGNO:

UN SOGNO, the very essence of timeless elegance and refinement, is a statement of style and sophistication. Its captivating, enveloping character makes it the ideal choice for the modern man in search of authenticity and distinction.

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