Fragrance for women


Breathe in this delicate bouquet, where exotic ylang ylang meets the sensuality of jasmine, orange blossom and carnation. A floral composition ending on a sweet, gourmand note of honey.

The Secret of Seduction

CACHOTTERIE reveals the mystery of seduction with its bewitching, captivating floral composition. This unique fragrance is designed for the modern woman seeking a sensual yet delicate scent. With its exotic notes and bewitching trail, CACHOTTERIE transports you to a world of charm and seduction, where every spray evokes softness and elegance.

Top notes: ylang-ylang

Heart notes: orange blossom – carnation – rose

Base notes: musk – honey

transcends the simple notion of perfume to become a genuine incitement to seduction and femininity. With its exotic notes and bewitching trail, this captivating fragrance embodies the very essence of sensuality. Designed for the modern woman, it offers a delicate charm that lets you express your seduction with confidence and elegance.

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