Men's fragrance

Edward "VIBES

A modern, timeless fragrance that opens with notes of incense and juniper berries. A sensual caress of iris unveils a unique powdery signature. Finally, the fragrance is veiled in a chypre trail, with warm notes of amber and honey.

Elegance reinvented

Discover the sophisticated and captivating essence of EDWARD “VIVES”, a fragrance for men that combines modernity and timelessness with exquisite subtlety. This exceptional fragrance embodies refinement and seduction, capturing the spirit of the modern man with a unique combination of bewitching notes and subtle nuances.

Top notes: juniper – iris – bergamot

Heart notes: patchouli – incense – amber

Base notes: honey – leather – white musk

The Promise of EDWARD “VIVES :

When you choose EDWARD “VIVES”, you’re opting for much more than just a perfume. Choose an incomparable sensory experience, an ode to modern masculinity and timeless sophistication. Let yourself be seduced by its enchanting notes and reveal your true essence with confidence and self-assurance. With EDWARD “VIVES”, every day is an opportunity to shine and captivate, an invitation to live life to the full and embrace elegance in all its forms.

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